My promised land – Home #111

A new great furniture set with house is offered by ionic for the Chapter Four event in May:

I combined them with some older ionic gacha releases, I hope you like it!

ionic : Pomise Land (RARE gacha @ Chapter Four)
Little Branch – WildMaple
ionic : Promise Land (Sign) (gacha @ Chapter Four)
ionic : Tea Dispenser Shelf (gacha @ Chapter Four)
ionic : Small Pink Cabinet (gacha @ Chapter Four)
*ionic* Orange juicer (gacha)
ionic : Yellow Armchair (gacha @ Chapter Four)
ionic : Beet Hummus & Roasted Potatoes (gacha @ Chapter Four)
*ionic* Cafeteria Wooden Table (gacha)
ionic : May Sofa (gacha @ Chapter Four)
ionic : Sleepy lapin (brown) (gacha)
ionic : Hanging Moon Phases [gold] (gacha)
*ionic* Glass Lantern (floor)(gacha)
ionic : Small Plants (gacha @ Chapter Four)

your taxi to:

The Capter Four:

Little Branch: